You’ve got this far so chances are you’re interested in making a lasting change to your lifestyle. 

So why not let us be the ones to teach you how to manage your health and fitness for the rest of your life?

And we really mean the rest of your life!


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  • 6 Weeks of progressive workouts

  • Individual tracking tools

  • BTL X detox kitchen food guide

  • Extensive coaching video library

  • Weekly zoom check ins with the BTL coaches

  • Invest in your future for just £150



The BTL lifestyle programme is trusted by some of the world’s top actors, successfully keeping them in shape for their roles in blockbuster films whilst providing them with the flexibility to enjoy their food and live a sociable lifestyle. 


Until now we have operated solely from our London studio, working 1-1 with private clients. 


The world has changed and  we want to bring BTL directly to you, wherever you are! 


The BTL Lifestyle programme is designed to give you everything you need to take control of your health and fitness.


Best of all we only need 6 weeks! During which you will have unrestricted access to our coaching library containing 180 demonstrative videos, personal tracking tools and expert coaching from us. 

Each week you have a progressive exercise programme complete with videos and a downloadable pdf food plan, written with detox kitchen, containing a special 10% discount code to use when ordering food from detox kitchen (Deliveries only available within London). 


Every week one of the BTL team (George, Josh and Dave) will host a zoom check in where we will talk through many of the common issues our clients have and also host a Q&A to answer any questions that may arise during your week.


We want this programme to be something that you can learn from and take with you into the rest of your life. 

Our method is not designed to trap you and keep you coming back. We want to teach you how you can live a healthy and fun life, developing a strong understanding of how exercise and food can impact your health.

BTL have taught me how to create a consistent and healthy lifestyle. I trust them with my short-term goals and long-term health. The three of them have become good friends to me and I’m always learning how to stay fit, happy and injury-free. Most importantly though, training with BTL is a huge amount of fun

- James Norton


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