The BTL Lifestyle programme is designed to give you everything you need to take control of your health and fitness.

It's crammed full of the expert knowledge and workout sessions that we provide for our clients in our London studio.


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  • 6 Weeks of progressive strength training

  • On demand HIIT, mobility and strength classes

  • Individual tracking tools to keep you accountable

  • BTL X detox kitchen food guide

  • Extensive coaching video library where we answer our most common FAQ's

  • Email access to BTL coaches



Membership gives you access to:

  • The BTL basics programme. Think of this as your foundation to training. You will learn to master the movements that we use when training our clients in the gym. Starting with the basics and building over 6 weeks to help you conquer the more complex movements that may feel daunting in the gym. 


  • Our on demand workout library, filled with strength, mobility and HIIT sessions. Train with us wherever you are in the world!


  • BTL coaching library. Answers to all your health and fitness questions. In this section we cover the most FAQ’s we encounter on a daily basis. Learn from our expert advice covering topics such as nutrition, sleep, recovery and more. 


  • BTL exercise library. Individual exercise videos created to allow you to practice and perfect each movement. Filter by type of movement and see progressions and regressions for over 140 individual movements.


  • Email access to the BTL coaches. Help and advice when you need it.

  • BTL X detox kitchen food guide. We have worked with our friends at detox kitchen to create a downloadable pdf food guide, containing nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We want this programme to be something that you can learn from to benefit your training for the long term. 

Our method is designed to teach you how to live a healthy and fun life, developing a strong understanding of how exercise and lifestyle choices impact your health.

James Norton.png

BTL have taught me how to create a consistent and healthy lifestyle. I trust them with my short-term goals and long-term health. The three of them have become good friends to me and I’m always learning how to stay fit, happy and injury-free. Most importantly though, training with BTL is a huge amount of fun

- James Norton